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For developers who use ASP.NET, DesignBais, and other tools, it’s important to design the look and feel of a website before too much front-end work is done.

Is it OK to Extend DesignBais?

It’s started – people are getting more comfortable with DesignBais, learning the strengths and how to deal with the weaknesses. When the first release of a new application UI is in production and developers look back to see what they can do better (and respond to the end-user enhancement requests), they’re starting to get creative, [...]

DesignBais Connection Issue Solved

I just had a situation with DesignBais connecting to two servers. Huh?  Problem solved!

“Using DesignBais” Book Coming Soon!

My first book, Using DesignBais, will be available soon. Here’s the current status. Comments and suggestions welcome.

DesignBais Tip – Changing MV Header Behavior

A user in the DesignBais forum asked if there was a way to use a Header Process to put data at the bottom of an MV grid, rather than changing the value of the currently selected MV value. This was a fun and challenging problem, and I have a solution. I don’t know if it’s [...]

D3 – Recompiling Code

The following is some great information posted to the Raining Data web forum by Robert Burke, their new Technical Support Director. I’ve posted it here verbatim for your benefit.

The Dreaded Back Button – Part 2

From the "give um an inch" department, it seems people aren’t happy with eliminating the back button from the browser. Eliminating all of the browser buttons wasn’t good enough either. No, the very first request was "now can we get rid of the X button in the corner that closes the application? Sigh – OK, [...]

DesignBais Tip – Goodbye plain text forms

How’d you like to get complex text and image formatting into your DesignBais forms? How’d you like to edit that text with a WYSIWYG editor, without having to see any HTML at all? Might your users be interested in storing formatted data rather than plain old text – including images?

Running scripts from your desktop

You can easily find answers elsewhere to the security problem documented here, but since one of my recent posts might lead you into the problem I thought I’d provide the solution.

Outlook Appointments from MV

I have code that updates the Outlook Calendar from MV apps. I decided to hook it up with DesignBais. This is just too cool.

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