Small updates to blog

The software for this blog has been updated. Please let me know if you find any issues. Here are some of the recent changes. Ignore if you’re only interested in tech stuff. 😉

  • Improved search engine with some fixes. Please let me know if it doesn’t find something that you know is on the site.
  • Added tag cloud to right sidebar.
    • You can click any of the tags to jump to an index of postings related to the topic.
    • Only manually added tags are shown – it doesn’t create a cloud based on entire postings. Again, if you think that some specific topic deserves a tag to help index the page, please let me know.
    • If you have a strong preference for or against one of the clouds, please let me know. One of these will soon go away. (EDIT: The rotating 3D cloud irritated me pretty quick so I removed it less than 10 hours after adding it.)
  • Added feed for my latest Twitter postings to the sidebar. Feel free to follow the links to see what else I have to say in 140 characters or less. 🙂
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