NebulaXLite Deactivating

Valued clients – Once again I’ve been informed that NebulaXLite is likely to de-activate sometime soon. As discussed here in my blog this only happens on Windows after an OS update, once or twice per year at some sites, and not at all at others.

If you are not running NebulaXLite over Windows, this notice does not apply to you, except that you can expect a new version of NebulaXLite to be available soon. Inquiries are welcome.

I understand that you have end-users who rely heavily on the availability of this software. All of you have been patient in requesting a replacement key, and patient in waiting for a fix for this software. The activation mechanism was fixed about a year ago but that change was not released, pending some other changes that I wanted to get into a new version … and frankly because I was working on other projects this just never got rolled out. I am proud that this software has very few open requests for enhancements, and only one other bug relating to portability with OpenOffice. So with this being a “lite” product, I have not been aggressive about publishing updates. But for those of you who have made commitments based on the software, it’s important for you to know that Nebula R&D stands behind this product and that I will make sure it is completely functional to-spec, and that enhancements will continue to be made within the scope of the product definition.

Until a fix is in place, after Windows Update runs on your systems, please check your systems using the TCL command:
If the software has deactivated, repeat without the word STATUS to generate a new request, e-mail the resulting text block, and you will receive a new key within minutes.

I promise you that we will have a new release out by the end of this month that fixes this problem. The new version is also much faster in D3 systems, making it much more practical to generate huge workbooks, and new features have been added as requested by user/developers. Please email to confirm your interest in an update.

Once again I apologize for any inconvenience. I thank you for your ongoing support. And I look forward ensuring that you are completely satisfied with our products and services.

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