Microsoft-specific DST pages

I have to admit that I’m confused about the vast number of pages that contain information about changes required for Microsoft platforms. I’ve provided a concise summary here. If you don’t look at the Microsoft pages, just look at the bold text in this article.

Forum posting about DST

I decided to do another posting to some of our MV community forums, introducing people to the upcoming changes in Daylight Saving Time. The content is included here. If you already read the forum posting for this date, there’s nothing new here. But if you haven’t read the forum posting you might get some new insight about what’s involved with this […]

DST and Microsoft Development

We just got an email from Microsoft titled "Important Daylight Savings Time Update for Developers". (I found the same information at the link provided.) It discusses Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe, the .NET Framework, and C++ apps that reference time zones.

More notes on DST for 2007

Remember that USA Daylight Saving Time now ends on March 11, 2007 (second Sunday of March at 2:00AM), and re-starts on November 04, 2007 (first Sunday of November at 2:00AM). See other articles in the Time category of this blog for details, patches, etc. The information briefly provided here has been gathered since the last note on this DST topic.

Setting Time, MV and *nix

Steven Dorst asked about setting D3 time from the host OS. Here are some notes about setting the OS or MV time from either environment.

Daylight Saving Time – Are you Ready?

The beginning of this important information about Daylight Saving Time has been provided by Brian Coles as part of his valuable information about AIX which I’ve placed in another article. The important point right now is:At 2am on Sunday October 29th, 2006, set your clocks back one hour if you’re in DST. But that’s not all !


This information has been provided by Brian Coles, AIX Engineer. If you use AIX or have clients using it, you will especially want to read this.

About the New Time Category

I originally started this Time category (see categories in right margin) just to document one issue, the coming of Daylight Saving Time changes. It seems there are a number of topics to be discussed, and not a lot of time to do it. I’m throwing this category together quickly, because … time is of the essence. Enjoy.