NebulaXLite self-deactivating?

Over the last two weeks we’ve had some reports of permanent keys for NebulaXLite suddenly deactivating. This doesn’t seem to be affecting developers or trial licenses. It’s happened on Universe and D3, no reports from other platforms yet. I encourage application developers to check with your end-users to ensure their product is still functioning as expected.

I have no idea what’s causing this yet, as of this morning it’s just become recognized as a problem, but a quick reactivation seems to get it working again. If you’re not sure if your end-user sites have an active NebulaXLite license, use the command NEBULAXLITE.ACTIVATE STATUS in the NEBULA-RND account to verify that the software is functional. We’ll be happy to replace keys for any site showing inactive. See the product documentation for activation information, and send requests to Support@.

If you’re a developer actively using NebulaXLite, remember that NebulaXLite is completely free for developers – no strings attached. We’ll continue issuing developer keys, completely free, for as long as you wish. Short-term developers get a key that lasts for about 3 months. Developers who have production apps and permanent licenses at end-user sites get a key for at least 6 months.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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