Social Media for the MV industry – Part 2

There has been a fascinating set of responses in email groups to my first post on this topic, and I sincerely respect and appreciate all comments and the time taken to make them. Here is a response for everything I’ve read here so far.

Social Media for the MV industry

Forums are no longer adequate. This blog entry begins a mini-campaign to get more MultiValue/Pick people into social media to exchange business/technical information.

Google Groups extra signature

This is for people who administer Google Groups in the MV community and elsewhere. I’ve been noticing over the last few months that emails I get from forums have two “unsubscribe” notifications. In the case of the MVDBMS group which I manage, I know I didn’t cause that, so something else did. Here’s how you [...]

Code tip: Include items – Part 1

I usually don’t post code tips but since I haven’t published anything in a while, I thought I’d post this tidbit on how to use Include items elegantly.

Remote execution of client code from the server

When creating browser applications for Pick applications, people frequently ask how they can execute some code on the PC/client with instructions from the server. We do this all the time with terminal emulators in our “thick client” user interfaces. But what about doing this with a browser?

D3 Windows or Linux?

I saw another question today about whether a VAR should recommend D3 Windows or D3 Linux. Knowing many sites that have moved from Windows to Linux, and those that have not, I thought I’d post my thoughts on it here for a more general audience.

Marketing, Part 2 : “Value-Add” Resellers

Marketing often entails conveying to the prospect audience more than just what your products are about. We are judged by the company we keep, and the MV DBMS will be judged by the people that represent the platform. There is a discussion in the U2UG forum right now about changing support providers, and this is [...]

Marketing in the Pick industry – Part 1

I’ve written a bunch of blogs lately on the topic of Marketing in the Pick industry. I just haven’t published them. I get so fired up on this topic that the blog turns into a rant and I just don’t hit that Publish button. Well, it’s time to change that. This first entry in this [...]

Re-introduction to NebulaMail

There is some new discussion in the MVDBMS forum about e-mail lately so I thought I’d re-introduce NebulaMail as an option.

Auto-Correction … or Auto-Confusion

The astute user of technology doesn’t trust it.

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