Politics and Rhetoric – Part 2

A lot of people think they’re "reason"able, but when people take sides for politics or religion it’s amazing how all logic contrary to their opinion goes out the window. The person who won the debate is the person you were for, before the debate started. The person you like always answers the questions better than the person you don’t like.

Short term memory of politics

I never wanted this blog to get non-technical or political, but here we are. I’ve written a number of blog entries over the last year that I never published but I’ve decided to let some of them into the wild. It’s interesting how some of my comments from back in January still apply today. Here is one of the unpublished […]

Color of politics

This is another blog entry I wrote back in January but never published. At the time people were giving Hillary Clinton grief for her associations, and bad comments made by her surrogates. Today, if Sarah Palin or a surrogate makes similar comments, they are defended to the end – and anyone who objects is labelled a woman hater. My how […]


Tom Phillips says "Looks like BO is having problems proving his citizenship." This is the biggest crock of s**t I’ve seen yet. The summary is that a lawyer submitted a questionaire with a stream of 56 false statements and didn’t receive a response, so by default, he claims all of the statements are true and idiots everywhere are nodding their […]

Politics and Rhetoric – Part 1

In a recent, seemingly endless CDP thread, I’m just appalled at some of the non-sense that people will spew. A recent post finally pulled me out of my shell for a little commentary. In short, the republican author satirically cites 21 humorous reasons why a democrat should not be USA VP – as though this is the sort of reasoning […]

Local Fires 3

I’m updating my map with bits I get from here and there. Unless someone thinks it’s important for me to continue this effort, I’m only going to update once or twice a day now. I’ll leave this topic with some (uncommonly?) direct comments on how people view events like this.

Local Fires 3

There are power fluctuations so the network and phones keep going down. Seems like it’s only happening in one part of the building – weird. We’re a couple miles from the action but the air is rich with the smell of burning wood and some people are having issues with it irritating their eyes and minor throat irritation. I’m having […]

Local Fires 2

As of this moment it doesn’t look like the Santiago Canyon fire will be contained anytime soon.

Local Fires

There is only one fire in this area at the moment. I’m posting a map showing the location of the fire and local MV businesses.