David Jordan posted some comments to the U2 forum that made me think about how this isn’t just about IBM and U2 – this event is yet another loud message to the entire MV community.

Windows and MV DBMS Shutdown

Most MV environments don’t need to be shutdown when Windows is taken down. D3 does. I thought I’d document how I boot and shutdown my MV environments for you. I lead with D3NT but comment on other platforms as well.

Diagnosing Connectivity Errors

When a UniObjects.NET operation fails, how do you know what happened? What about mv.NET? Heck, it doesn’t matter what tool you use. Sometimes things just stop working. Here are some tips that may help in the detection and recovery process for any MV DBMS or connectivity tools…

Sign here please

I had the pleasure of working with a signature capture device recently. Anyone need to get customer signatures at the Point Of Sale?

MV to anything … sure, why not?

In the U2 forum the question was asked “Has anyone implemented Microsoft TAPI in a Universe application?” Let’s call this a FAQ and reword it as “How do we connect anything to an MV DBMS?” It doesn’t matter if you have Universe, jBase, D3, or QM. It doesn’t matter if you are talking about TAPI, [...]

Blog now supports avatars/gravatars

A couple Neblog subscribers have avatars registered with Gravatar.com, so wherever they post a comment, on any blog, the same picture displays for them by their comments. I’ve just updated our pages (through the wonders of Open Source Software hehe) so that comments show a gravatar if it’s available. Why? Why not? For anyone who [...]

What is a “large” select list?

A question came up in CDP about what a “large” dynamic array is, when used as a select list, and when lists should be processed as dimensioned arrays versus dynamic arrays. The answer can be more complex than one might think.

XML to/from MV – Part 1

I’ve been doing a lot of work lately with XML data. I’m just importing from XML to MV right now but exporting MV to XML can be the same thing in reverse. Here is part 1 of a multipart discussion on the topic.

Caché Tutorials

I’m writing a small series of tutorials for Pick developer/admins to get familiar with the Caché environment. The first one explains how to telnet in, create an account, create a file, edit/compile/run a program – the bare essentials. What would you like to see?

Vista Part 3 … Never thought it would go so far

After posting a Part 2 to my original notes on Vista and Windows 7 I didn’t think it was possible to get enough material for a Part 3. Hey, I’m no stranger to being wrong and I’ll be happy to admit it. But our “Vista Fan” colleague still cannot face the thought of being completely [...]

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